Welcome to IreaDesign
Sensitive Interior and Graphic Design Services and Your Professional Draftswoman

Precise draftwomanship

We slow down our pulse to draw the best and the most precise drafts for you, taking care of all the details while we smoothly and quickly trace the guidelines.

Sensitive design

We listen to you until we feel what you want and then we create a completely custom design based on your vision and including our touch and knowledge.


We use the most advanced Computer-Aided-Design software tools in order to produce the most real experience for you, but always with the guide of the human emotion of hand-drawing.



Something doesn't look great...

It's a job for IreaDesign, a.k.a. DraftsWoman!

The team

Irene Rodriguez Head Designer
Young and experienced draftswoman and interior designer.
Ovidio Manteiga Software Expert
Web and mobile app designer and developer, co-founder of Appeiros Mobile Development and also available as freelancer.

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